Louis Lynch


Special Events



Elegant receptions.  Lovely parties.  Special dinners.  Super grand openings.

The harp makes a striking and beautiful addition to every event.

An experienced classical/jazz harpist and pianist, Louis Lynch provides elegant background music for dinners, family parties, receptions, corporate affairs, gallery shows and other events. 

Pick your musical favorites from a wide range of repertoire that spans virtually every musical style, or create a special atmosphere with themed events or holiday music.

Harp or piano music for private engagements and corporate functions is available for around $75 per hour.  Non-profit rates are negotiable.

Special discounts are available for hotels and restaurants sponsoring an event or booking a continued engagement.

Special Ensembles

For something completely different, select a unique ensemble of duos and trios with harp, cello, guitar, flute, bass, brass and percussions.  Louis also provides full-tilt dance music with the special harp-based rock-and-roll band, Harp Rock Café!

For more information, email harp@louislynch.com